What is a secret veneer? 

A secret veneer is the thinnest clip in veneer on the market anywhere in the world, at 0.4mm thin we are the market leaders. A clip in veneer is worn over your teeth to cover your defects giving you the confidence to smile again. Ideal for missing, crooked, stained teeth, it simply slides over your teeth covering all imperfections underneath. The perfect quick fix for weddings, job interviews, and special photographs. It requires no glue, no dentist visit and no pain!

Why order clip on veneers online?

  • Perfect if you are dental phobic.
  • Great way to see if you would suit porcelain veneers, without the hefty price tag.
  • No pain.
  • No needles.
  • 70% off by ordering lab direct and not needing to visit a dentist to have them fitted.
  • No brackets/ wires.
  • No downtime.
  • Ready in 14 working days.
  • 3 easy steps.
  • 5 star reviews.
  • Quick & simple.

Am i suitable?

Secret veneers are suitable to cover;
  • stained teeth.
  • up to 4 missing teeth.
  • overcrowding.
  • chipped teeth.
  • we CAN work with under bites and cross bites within reason.
  • we CANNOT cover loose teeth.
  • NOT suitable if you have severe gum disease.
If you are still unsure just email us an image at smile@secretveneers.com

Do they damage your teeth?

There is no drilling or shaving of natural tooth structure. They are completely reversible and removable and cause no damage to your existing teeth. We use exactly the same technology as invisalign clear braces, the only difference is our product is tooth colour and passive. Invisalign do not ruin your teeth and nor do clip on veneers. There function is purely cosmetic. The veneers are not designed to affect the structure or the function of the teeth. There is no clinical contact.
As long as you maintain good oral hygiene you will be 100% fine wearing veneers. The veneers do not contribute to plaque build up or tooth decay no more or less if you didn't wear it.

How long does this take to make? arrive?

All veneers are bespoke custom handmade from your impressions. The timescale reflects the time we spend perfecting your new smile. We hand carve each and every veneer personalised to your own individual mouth - This takes 14 working days from the moment we have your dental impressions.
We also have the technology to express 3D print your order in 3 days if you are in a hurry for an event! 

How do they feel?

It is important to understand that removable veneers ALWAYS make your teeth feel;
  • Thicker thank your normal teeth
  • Longer than your normal teeth 
  • Wider than your normal teeth
  • Bigger than your normal teeth.
This is because they are worn over the tips of your teeth like a very thin retainer or gum shield.

How does it stay in?

The design is slightly flexible and very strong, it slides over your own teeth. It fits over your teeth and snaps into the undercuts around your teeth near the gum line. It does not touch your gums and nor does it cover the roof of your mouth. There is absolutely no glue needed, it stays in by natural retention. They will not fall out if you kiss someone.

How does the process work if i don't need to visit anyone?

We send you an impression kit by post, you will receive 2 trays, dental putty and impressions. Simply role the putty into a sausage shape, bite it and send back to us. Once the lab receive your impressions they will check it and veneer production will take place. Your custom made clip on veneers will be with you in 14 working days.

Why choose us?

  • We all wear clip on veneers so we know how you feel!
  • All the office staff are previous clients so they understand your needs.
  • Our dental material is the thinnest on the market, more durable and non staining, because the denture look is not okay!
  • We do not require tooth 4 & 5.
  • We provide all our clients with FREE shipping 
  • We can cover your veneers & crowns.
  • We offer a veneer varnish to keep your veneers fresh.
  • We offer replacement or spare secret veneers for £100 we do not charge you full price if you loose them or want another colour!

What are they made from?

They are made from a flexible resin material, certified dental material, BPA and monomer free. NASA uses the same material within their aircraft cabinetry for its durability.

Can i eat with them in?

Yes if you feel comfortable to do so.

How do i clean them?

Secret veneers can be brushed with our veneer varnish. If you are a smoker please soak your veneers in a denture cleaner overnight to keep them bright & clean.

How long do these last?

Your secret veneer is made out of a high strength plastic, it will last as long as you look after it. How long your restoration lasts depends on how you look after it and whether you eat with it. As a guideline some of our original clients who purchased 3 years ago still have their original veneer. We cannot guarantee the longevity as we do not know how you will look after the product.

Can i have a refund?

Secret veneers are a custom made product and so are tailored specifically for your mouth. If the hygiene seal has been broken and they have been worn we will not be able to refund you for hygiene reasons, much the same as buying underwear. We cannot resell them and we cannot accept them back for healthy & safety of our staff.

Is there a Manufacturing warranty?

Yes a 14 working day warranty comes as standard.

Can i speak okay?

The mouth is so sensitive that anything new in the mouth takes a period of time to adjust to. This is exactly the same for permanent veneers. We supply XFactor singers, RUPAULs Drag Race stars, MTV cast members, Actors & Drag artists all whom need to be able to sing and talk!





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