We are an award winning brand based in the UK who provide people in need; the chance to smile again - simple!. 

In the 7 years we have been operating we have helped transform the lives of thousands of people from those who have been victims of domestic abuse and lost teeth due to violence; to people who have had chronic eating disorders and no longer have many teeth. 

We provide a cosmetic vanity aid to cover all your imperfections on your teeth and lift your mood if you cannot undergo dental treatment at this time. Reasons may include;

  • Clients who cannot undergo dental treatment for example include pregnant women

  • Cancer patients who are undergoing radiotherapy

  • Clients who are not suitable for dental implants

  • Clients whose healing process has been compromised through certain chronic diseases or medications

  • Clients who are on terminal stage of cancer

  • Clients who have chronic illnesses such as leukaemia and diabetes which may interfere with healing

  • Clients with an extreme dental phobia anxiety or depression

  • Clients who cannot afford porcelain veneers

  • Clients who have suffered physical abuse

  • Clients in the armed forces who have lost their teeth during active service.

  • People with mental health issues.

We do not condone not visiting your dentist and good dental hygiene is a must. We simply want to make smiles accessible for everyone, because when you feel happy about your teeth and you can smile it greatly affects your quality of life. We have clients who have gone on to get new jobs, new relationships, get married, stand up in court beaming with a big smile and face their attackers who have knocked all their teeth out. We want to provide as many people as we can globally with a better mental and physical health, helping them to better prospects and opportunities.


If you cannot afford our service you maybe entitled to free veneers. In exceptional circumstances we do provide our service for FREE. We have helped many vulnerable clients over the years smile again, these clients we call our HEROS, not all like to be named and photographed especially if they have been subjected to physical abuse. However you can see some of the work we have done below-

If you know someone who needs a better quality of life and qualifies as above please contact hello@secretveneers.com we want to give everyone the opportunity to eat a little better, talk a little better and look a little better, when compared to living with missing teeth. Now there is a better solution!

Success stories.




Scarlett was attacked by a man after a night out walking home alone. He slammed her face against a a pavement and her 4 front teeth ended up misplaced. Scarlett recalls in the ambulance " I tried to push my teeth back into place" but unfortunately this wasn't successful. Scarlett has had root canal treatment but is not allowed any further procedures that will cause trauma to the front teeth. We gifted her secret veneers to cover her teeth until her teeth are healed enough for porcelain veneers or braces.

Ellas story

Hello, I just wanted to share my story and how happy I am with my veneers. So I have a chip in my front tooth as a result of an abusive relationship. It was something I was always conscious of and of course was at times a trigger during my healing process since leaving the relationship. The last year I have worked so hard to rebuild my life and honestly, since having my veneers I feel a new level of confidence I never realised I was lacking when I look in the mirror I feel like a new woman and genuinely cannot stop smiling. I’m grateful to the universe that I stumbled across your Instagram and thank you so much for offering such an affordable and incredible service. When I saw you help many domestic abuse survivors I felt even more wonderful about your product and want to say how touching this is to someone who has experienced such trauma. So again I just want to say thank you so so much.

Hollies story

In October 2020 i was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of my ex partner. He knocked out my front tooth  as a result of punching me in the face, causing me to loose consciousness and be hospitalised. I have since left my abusive ex partner but i am left with a constant reminder of his abuse. I am unable to get a dental implant due to the significant damage caused to my jaw. I am awaiting a bone graft of my jaw. This could take years as i am having to pay for private surgery. I saw that you offer to help those in need and i can certainly confirm i am in need of your help. 

Lilyanas Story

I was a victim of domestic abuse, and for years i covered my smile and felt ashamed to show anyone my teeth including my children. It was a real struggle to look into the mirror and be reminded of what had happened to me. This before and after as much as i hate to show my real smile i feel the need to share that this has changed my life giving me confidence to be who i was once again.


Anon Story

Hi there, i received my clip in veneers a few weeks back and i just wanted to share my gratitude with you and let you know how much they have CHANGED MY LIFE. I can now talk to people, friends and family members with no shame, smile with teeth in pictures with my 1 year old, video chat with friends without worrying about judgment. Your company gave me that, gave me confidence back. I cant thank you enough. (This client who would like to remain anonymous has now found recovery from alcohol addiction and is seeking dental treatment). We provided clip in veneers as a short term temporary fix until treatment can be completed during Covid. 

Shannons Story 

Even though its been a few years ago now i will never forget. People say things get better with time or you will forget. The truth is that it doesn't and probably never will either, you just learn to live with things and push it to the back of your mind but its always there, more and more men and women are going through this and its disgusting! "you should leave" or "you should report them" ..... it doesn't always work that way. When Jamie did this to me he only got sentenced to 19 months and he served 12 weeks! I spent more time sitting through the court case. I went through hell, i turned to drink and drugs to help me get through it, i self harmed and have over 200 scars on my body. i have been a client with you for 5 years now and i just want to thank you for all your hard work and how much you can make peoples lives so much better. Im so lucky to have come across you guys!