It is a big decision choosing the colour of your new veneers! 



 Colour BL1

The whitest shade available to all cosmetic dentists, this colour is the whitest you can purchase, it is an artificial white and most popular with our USA clients, Reality TV stars, RuPauls Drag Race Contestants, YouTubers & Beauty Influencers. Wear this colour if you want to be noticed!



Colour A1

This is the most natural white colour, with a hint of whitening, as if you have just whitened your teeth naturally and gives the impression you like to take care of yourself. This is popular with our chief execs, teachers, sales staff, front of house staff- clients who wish to look clean & white without standing out.





Colour A2

This colour is a natural white with a slight yellow tone it looks as if you haven't undergone any whitening on your teeth ever. This is our least popular colour.







You can now choose the thickness of your veneers depending on your own individual requirements. Both thickness 0.4mm standard and our micro thin are the same strength, the only difference is micro thin are more flexible and feel thinner in the mouth - they are also slightly see through and come up as 0.1mm-0.2mm thin.


Why choose micro thin?


  • same strength but higher flexibility
  • thinner, more comfortable material
  • 38% less chance of getting a lisp
  • contours perfectly and gives a higher definition than our standard 0.4mm veneers. 
  • closer fit to the gum margins
  • fits more flush to the original teeth, ensuring a more natural secure