Terms and Conditions

Read these Purchase Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering products in the online store.


  • I am responsible for the condition of my oral health. Secret Veneers LTD does not take care of doing any dental exam, so it is my responsibility the state in which my teeth and soft tissues are at the moment.
  • Recognizes that this procedure is totally cosmetic, in which its only purpose is to improve your appearance. It is not a dental or rehabilitating treatment, and you will not be submitted to any irreversible process that will generate consequences in the future.
  • Knows that the veneers are elaborated in the latest technology of polymer, specialised for this type of product.
  • Recognises that the veneers do not have any guarantee for ruptures or traumas like bruxism, and that this can cause an early deterioration of the veneers.
  • Know that the veneers can suffer color changes because of acid saliva, certain food, drinks or cigarettes.
  • Accepts that once the order is made and the colour is picked by the contracting part, the contractor is no longer responsible for colour or shape changes at the time of delivery, if the contracting party has a change of mind.
  • Accepts that the veneers have a minimum of 0.1mm thickness and this may cause a temporary lisp during the adaptation process (up-to 2 weeks ).
  • Accepts that retention of the veneers is subject to natural retention of the teeth. Once the veneers are delivered, if they don’t hold well, you may need to use a dental adhesive that will help with the retention of the veneers.
  • Understands that the client has been widely shown the work that the contracted has done with other clients and accepts we will design the best new smile possible for your dentition.
  • Once accepted this terms and once the veneers are made, they are not subject to rejection which there can not be a money devolution.
  • After 30 days of notification of delivery, Secret Veneers LTD is not responsible for your clip in veneers. 


  • Elaborate veneers in a high resistent and latest technology material, as well as the chosen colour.
  • Deliver veneers in the contracted time (14 working days or 3 working days as selected by the client).
  • Respond for guarantees within the stipulated period.


Clip in veneers and dental products are a custom-made tailored specifically for your own mouth- a truly bespoke product. If they have been worn and the hygiene seal has been broken then we do not accept the product back due to hygiene reasons.

Your clip in veneers are made to only fit you and cannot be resold. You must understand before you purchase that we cannot offer you a refund for a personally bespoke customised item, and this is why we inform you of this before you checkout and ask you to not order from our website if you do not agree with this. We do ask again when you get your order form to sign the agreement that you agree to no refunds due to the custom made nature of the product, by signing the terms you have consented to wavering your right for a refund.

We do not want to leave you in anyway dissatisfied and so the consumer rights act 2015 grants us the option and time to fix your veneers by remaking them for you for FREE.

We offer unlimited alterations if they do not fit due to a false impression provided by you. As your secret veneer is made to measurements you have given us from your Impression kit you are responsible for ensuring that these measurements are correct. If there is a fit issue we will not stop working with you until you are happy with a veneer that fits you.

If you would like a refund after you have received your impression kit before any clip in veneers have been made you have 14 days to return it to us for a refund. The kit must be unused and intact in a resale-able condition. 

It is very important that you understand this before anything is custom made for you - this is why we have this description here before you check out. Please do not purchase if you do not agree to our terms.