Existing customers only; Order a spare arch here
Existing customers only; Order a spare arch here

Existing customers only; Order a spare arch here

Regular price £99.00

Please be mindful of the Easter bank holidays when ordering express replacements! Any 12 hour orders will be shipped Tuesday.

This item is for existing clients only who have already had clip in veneers designed with us and require a spare arch (if they loose or damage theirs). Please do not purchase if you have not purchased from us before - no impression kit will be sent.

 Some clients like to keep a spare arch in case they accidentally break their veneers, or another set in a brighter colour, so we provide a replacement arch option which means after the first initial payment you can then buy an arch for a discount of £99 per arch!

All replacement / spare arches take 14 working days to design as standard but we do now have a 5 day express option, and even better a 12 hour production for our clients who are desperate! 

Please note after 2 years you will have to order a new upper and lower arch design as we have found that replacements no longer fit after 2 years due to the change in your dentition.


Colours Available-

BL1 - The whitest shade available to all cosmetic dentists, this colour is the whitest you can purchase, it is an artificial white and most popular with our USA clients & MTV stars. Wear this colour if you want to be noticed! BL1 is the most popular colour of clip-on veneer that we create. These solutions look like you’ve undergone regular cosmetic dentistry and whitening. If you want to create a stunning celebrity smile, without undergoing hours of expensive and painful dentistry, then these are the solutions for you.

A1- This is the most natural white colour, with a hint of whitening, as if you have just whitened your teeth naturally. This is popular with our chief execs, teachers, sales staff, front of house staff- clients who wish to look clean & white without standing out.

A2 - This colour is an ivory white but as if you haven't undergone any whitening on your teeth ever. Popular with our male & female clients over 60.


You can now choose the thickness of your veneers depending on your own individual requirements. O ultra thin clip ins come in at between 0.1mm-0.2mm thin as opposed to the standard 0.4mm thick material.

Why choose thinner material?

  • same strength but higher flexibility
  • thinner, more comfortable material
  • 38% less chance of getting a lisp
  • contours perfectly and gives a higher definition than our standard 0.4mm veneers. 
  • closer fit to the gum margins
  • fits more flush to the original teeth, ensuring a more natural secure fit. 

Please note - this range of ultra thin material is not suitable for clients who have very stained teeth - the material is so thin that it has a slight see through appearance and the shade of your teeth may shine through if it is very discoloured. Please purchase our thicker standard material to hide discolouration.