Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!
Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!

Get paid to smile, Join the team! Start earning today!

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 Discover the Path to Prosperity: Join the Secret Veneers Affiliate Program

Are you ready to turn your social media presence into a profit-generating powerhouse? Brace yourself for an opportunity that's bound to make your smile even wider. Become a Secret Veneers affiliate today and embark on a journey where referring becomes rewarding, and your earnings soar to new heights.

With our unrivaled affiliate program, the possibilities are endless. We believe in the power of smiles and the impact they can have on people's lives. That's why we've designed a program that not only pays you for your efforts but also allows you to spread the joy of a perfect smile.

How does it work? It's as easy as snapping on a Secret Veneer. For every customer you refer to us who checks out using your personalised £50 off discount code, you earn a whopping £50 commission. That's right, simply by sharing your love for Secret Veneers with your followers, you'll be rewarded for every successful referral.

But it doesn't end there. As a Secret Veneers affiliate, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to thrive in the world of affiliate marketing. We provide you with all marketing materials (use any of our before and after images), persuasive content, and expert guidance to maximise your reach and conversions. Whether you're a seasoned influencer or just starting on your journey, our program is designed to help you succeed.

Picture this: getting paid to smile on your social media platforms. It's more than a dream—it's a reality with Secret Veneers. By joining our affiliate program, you'll seamlessly integrate your passion for perfect smiles into your online persona. And the best part? You'll be rewarded handsomely for it.

 Let your genuine enthusiasm for Secret Veneers shine through as you inspire others to unlock their smile potential. With each referral, you'll not only earn your commission but also witness the transformative power of Secret Veneers firsthand.

So why wait? The time to elevate your online presence and earn while you inspire is now. Join the ranks of successful affiliates who are already spreading the Secret Veneers revolution. Get ready to smile all the way to the bank and leave a lasting impact on the lives of those seeking a flawless smile.

Apply to become a Secret Veneers affiliate today and open the door to unlimited possibilities. Together, we'll change lives, one radiant smile at a time.

Purchase this option to join our business group of affiliates! We pay you £50 per customer you refer to us and who checks out. 

We will mentor you to success and show you the unlimited potential of working as an affiliate for our brand. Why should i pay £20 a month to work for you ??- well we have to set your code up, manage your codes and pay you weekly, we will also mentor you to become a super affiliate and this all takes up time and information.


Simply follow the steps below to get started as a secret veneers affiliate:

  1. Purchase and within 24 hours we will set up your custom discount code for your followers. Promote a unique discount code by reposting our images to your social media accounts or to your salon or boutique - this will give your followers £50 off the secret veneers website an amazing incentive to purchase with your discount code!

  2. No stock handling or customer complaints we deal with all that you just promote secret veneers.
  3. Drive targeted traffic to the secret veneers website.

  4. Tell people how amazing our product is, how much money time and stress it has saved you and get rewarded with £50 commission on every sale! £50 for you and £50 off for your followers! 

  5. You do not need to be a client of secret veneers to resell, although it does help if you wear the product as you can make content. 

  6. We do not gift free veneers to our affiliates, you will be required to purchase using a £100 off discount code if you don't wear our product, but this is optional you don't have to wear it. (Obviously its easier to earn more money if you have the product to show off)

  7. Existing clients are very welcome! 

We want our customers to understand what our brand represents, what our company stands for and what makes us different to every other clip on veneer company.  Enlisting the help of our brand ambassadors and social media influencers exposes our company to your social circles. 

 We will also drive huge numbers of our social media followers to your accounts by reposting your images and tagging you- this is absolutely invaluable if you already sell a product or service and want us to send our followers to your accounts. 

If you are unsure how to make sales online or are new to affiliate marketing we have written our exact strategy to selling any product on TikTok Instagram or Facebook! We literally couldn't make this any easier for you! 

Every Monday we will send you a photographic receipt of how many times your discount code has been used on the website and pay your commission. We pay you £50 per customer who checks out using your code and who becomes a client- EASY money for smiling on social media - which you do anyway! So why not make money from it! 

You maybe asked to represent the brand at press events, charity events, celebrity awards ceremonies, on social media and worldwide media articles. All on top of offering you commission on all orders you send to our website!

You can cancel your £20 payment at anytime but this wealth of information will enable you to be an affiliate for any online brand. You will be given the whats app number of our CEO who will personally mentor you to success. 

We currently have an affiliate who makes up to £550 a week and all she does is talk about her experience of wearing secret veneers on instagram and tiktok. Check her out - @amzlux_ and also @courtneymiagrice is making £150 per week. 

This includes a free ebook on how to be a super affiliate and ongoing support.


Say goodbye to your soul destroying 9-5 job

Create a passive income machine from home 

Build a life of complete freedom and time - work from anywhere!

Affiliate results in images