Vampire fang clip in veneers
Vampire fang clip in veneers

Vampire fang clip in veneers

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Our unique mail order process is the most cost effective and interactive way to get great custom made fangs today.  No longer will you have to book expensive appointments with your local dentist.  We take care of it all, guiding you through a simple and easy impression-making process that guarantees your custom fangs are original and unique to you without overspending. 

Our vampire fangs are regular standard upper clip in veneers with extended canines. 

This is the process:
1. Order here in the online shop.
2. We post you a dental impression kit.
3. Take your impressions at home with our instructions.
4. Ship your impressions to our lab.
5. We scan them into our design programme, we build your new smile design & print on our 3D cad cam printer.
6. We ship them to you to clip on at home.

Each fang set is crafted per "your instructions and specifications," which you provide to us on the order form we send you with your dental impressions.  This is a complete custom process.  Nothing is pre-fabbed!  IT IS A COMPLETE CUSTOM PROCESS, to ensure that you get the fangs you want!  

Craft time is 7 working days from the moment we get your impressions back to the lab.  

All Sales are Final.  We do not offer refunds.

Once you place an order, funds are immediately applied to starting your job; materials are purchased and personnel are assigned.