Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!
Couples bundle save £148!

Couples bundle save £148!

Regular price £1,098.00 Sale price £950.00

We now offer the chance for you and a friend to order our finest top of the range super thin veneers at the same time and get an amazing £148 discount off! 

Our ultra thin clip ins come in at between 0.1mm-0.2mm thin as opposed to the standard 0.4mm thick material.

Perfect for couples getting married / prom / holidays.

Clip in veneers are a great alternative to going to the dentist and having your teeth painfully filed down. Filing down your teeth is permanent. With our clip in veneers, you can now cover your teeth anytime you want; whether it's for a special occasion or just because, they do not require any drilling, pain or anxiety. It simply clips on over your teeth, stress and pain free!. Clip in veneers can be placed on top of your natural teeth and offer a seamless way to enhance the look of your smile. All of our veneers are made from quality dental grade; flexible plastic materials and are cad cam 3D printed to only fit you from your dental impressions. 

Please note - We do not sell porcelain veneers made at a cosmetic dentist - the price reflects this. We are a UK dental lab who designs plastic flexible clip in veneers.


How it works-

  • Once you place your order with us we will dispatch 2 impression kits within 24 hours to an address of your choice. Free 1st class postage 1-3 days. Tracked & Singed international postage takes 5-10 working days.
  • Receive your impression kits, take your own impressions with our instructions.
  • Post the kit back to the dental lab.
  • We receive your impressions and cast them into a hard plaster cast of your teeth, this cast is an exact replica of your teeth.We build your veneers on this cast. Once finished we will post the veneers to you by 1st class Royal Mail Tracked and Signed by 1pm.

Price includes; x2
* Full Self Impression Kit
* Spare putty in case you make a mistake taking your impressions. Medium trays (different sizes available in the shop).
* Full instructions
* Secret Veneers upper and lower ultra thin x2 people
* Retainer retriever -removal tool 
* Veneer CHEWIES - to help you get the perfect fit, bite down on a chewie!
* First class royal mail delivery of impression kit and royal mail special delivery tracked and signed by 1pm for veneers. We recommend you send your impressions to us by royal mail tracked & signed you are responsible for getting your impressions to the lab safely.

It is not suitable if you have more than 4 missing teeth in a row.

Your impression kit will be shipped by royal mail 1st class post. Delivery time is 1-3 working days UK and 5-10 working days international. You will get a shipping confirmation email when it is posted. 

Please note - this range of ultra thin material is not suitable for clients who have very stained teeth - the material is so thin that it has a slight see through appearance and the shade of your teeth may shine through if it is very discoloured. Please purchase our thicker standard material to hide discolouration. 


*Clip in veneers are not porcelain veneers, they are made of a flexible but high strength dental grade plastic. Results may vary from client to client as your teeth are as unique to you as your fingerprint. 

Choosing a shade

Colours Available-BL1 - The whitest shade available to all cosmetic dentists, this colour is the whitest you can purchase, it is an artificial white and most popular with our USA clients, Reality TV stars, RuPauls Drag Race Contestants, YouTubers & Beauty Influencers. Wear this colour if you want to be noticed! BL1 is the most popular colour of clip on veneer that we create. This solution looks like you’ve undergone cosmetic whitening. If you want to create a stunning celebrity smile, without undergoing hours of expensive and painful dentistry, then this is the solution for you.


A1- This is the most natural white colour, with a hint of whitening, as if you have just whitened your teeth naturally. This is popular with our chief execs, teachers, sales staff, front of house staff- clients who wish to look clean & white without standing out.



A2 - This colour has a slight yellow tinge as if you haven't undergone any whitening on your teeth ever. Popular with our male & female clients over 60.




Can I eat in them? You can smoke, eat, drink and kiss in clip in veneers - soak them in a denture cleaning tablet to keep them bright. We are not responsible for accidental damage. We do recommend removing them to eat if you want them to last longer.

clip in veneers will not fall out they clip in tight!

How do I know if I am suitable? Secret veneers are suitable to cover;
  • stained teeth.
  • up to 4 missing teeth.
  • overcrowding.
  • chipped teeth.
  • we CAN work with under bites and cross bites within reason.
  • we CANNOT cover loose teeth.
  • NOT suitable if you have severe gum disease.
If you are still unsure just email us an image at

Will they damage my teeth? -There is no drilling or shaving of natural tooth structure. They are completely reversible and removable and cause no damage to your existing teeth. We use exactly the same technology as invisalign clear braces, the only difference is our product is tooth colour and passive. Invisalign do not ruin your teeth and nor do clip on veneers. Their function is purely cosmetic. The veneers are not designed to affect the structure or the function of the teeth. Their is no clinical contact.

As long as you maintain good oral hygiene you will be 100% fine wearing veneers. The veneers do not contribute to plaque build up or tooth decay no more or less if you didn't wear it.

How do they stay on? - The design is slightly flexible and very strong, it slides over your own teeth. It fits over your teeth and snaps into the undercuts around your teeth near the gum line. It does not touch your gums and nor does it cover the roof of your mouth. There is absolutely no glue needed, it stays in by natural retention. They will not fall out if you kiss someone.

What are they made from? - They are made from a flexible plastic resin material, certified dental material, BPA and monomer free. 

How long do they last? - Your secret veneer is made out of a high strength plastic, it will last as long as you look after it. How long your restoration lasts depends on how you look after it and whether you eat with it. As a guideline some of our original clients who purchased 8 years ago still have their original veneer. We cannot guarantee the longevity as we do not know how you will look after the product. Replacements are just £99. 

Is there a warranty? - Yes 30 days from the moment you get them.

Will I have a lisp? - The mouth is so sensitive that anything new in the mouth takes a period of adjustment; this is the same for permanent veneers. For the first few days you may have lisp but this will go as your mouth gets used to the product. Having said that we supply Xfactor finalists, MTV cast members, Actors and Drag Artists please see here for client reviews/ singing/ eating etc. It just takes time and perseverance! 

How do I clean them?Remove the appliance and brush it before bedtime. Treat it as you would a brace or retainer with love and care. We will provide you with one free sterilising denture cleaning tablet to start you off- these can be purchased in any supermarket. 


If we receive your kit and you are not your suitable for our veneers, we will refund you in full. If you wish to check your suitability with us before ordering please email us at

Please note you will need to cover the postage cost for the impression kit returning. Any post sent from us, to you, impression kits and veneers, are all covered by us.