Influencer Collaboration Contract Template

Influencer Collaboration Contract Template

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A solution for other business owners

Are you sick of paying or gifting influencers and not getting your product shared in return? Welcome to our world! It so frustrating for us and we couldn't let it carry on!

We get the nicest emails asking for a collaboration, we agree a mutually beneficial collaboration  - send out an impression kit and get them a new set of clip in veneers custom made for them which we pay for ourself £649 (its worth noting for every influencer we gift clip in veneers too, this money is taken away from clients who get them gifted for free because they are subject to domestic abuse or chronic illness).

So the Influencer gets them/ wears them on holiday / everyday and fails to post on social media that they wear our item. We've seen it all, from influencers who then tag other teeth whitening brands whilst wearing our clips ins to others who have not told there followers they are clip ins. When we ask why they didn't post as agreed they said they had flown to turkey to get real veneers! (we know what our product looks like on and the shades, you maybe able to fool your followers that you have turkey teeth but not us!).

So we have written out a contract that we use now, with the help of our legal team to stop this crazy situation. You can download it instantly and edit or customise it for any influencer collaboration. 

from usage rights to timescales its really going to change your game! 

You are welcome!