Become a reseller
Become a reseller
Become a reseller
Become a reseller

Become a reseller

Regular price £350.00

Purchase this option to become a reseller of secret veneers.

How it works;

- Purchase this option to secure your demographic area

- This will give you the title "Secret Veneers Scotland/ Ireland, London" wherever you are from.

- We will not offer this opportunity to anyone else in your area.

- We will set you up an instagram page

- You will use this page to promote secret veneers, you can also use your personal social media - our most successful resellers are on tiktok.

- In your bio you will write "use this code for £50 off at the checkout" and a link to our website. 

- For everyone who purchases through your link using your £50 off code we will send you £50 to your bank account! 

- The customer will purchase and we fulfil there own - you have no stock handling and no customer services - we do all that!

The power of social media and marketing is limitless! You can advertise and sell anything online to the entire world at the click of a button! The potential to make money is crazy. 

You can resell from your salon, nail boutique, or from home! We will guide you how to make an income from your social media accounts without ever leaving your home. 

In this course we will show you how to find other high ticket affiliate links to promote.


- Start instantly today 

- We send you all promotional products needed to start 

- Ongoing mentoring 

- Open to everyone worldwide

- Easiest business to start for beginners 

- Only requires 1-3 hours of your day daily

- Can make upwards of 6 figures per year

- Can work from anywhere as a full time income!

- BONUS You will get your own mentor to guide you on your journey - whats app support 24/7 by our CEO.

We will send you leaflets, impression kits, trays and putty to help you with your content creation. You do not need to wear our products to be a seller but it would be very beneficial because then you can show your followers what it looks like.


Income disclaimer - This website contains business strategies and advice that may not produce the same results for you as they did the author. Secret veneers store makes no guarantee expressed or implied – that by following the advice given that you will make more money or profits. There is several factors that affect the success of any business that are beyond the control of secret veneers and/or the business owner in question. As with any business investment – you must assume that any risk is based on your own discretion and at your own expense.