Start your own business! clip in veneer technician!
Start your own business! clip in veneer technician!

Start your own business! clip in veneer technician!

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Do you want to stock our brand in your salon? Do you own a cosmetic business?? Do you want to work as a clip in veneer technician? We are now temporarily opening our books again! You can be based in any country in the world.

 Perfect as an add on service for nail salons, beauty salons, hairdressers and lash techs. Tell your existing clients you are in collaboration with secret veneers! You can use all our client images and we provide flyers and promo materials.

For example you can announce on your socials "I'm so excited to announce that i am going to be working with an amazing company offering a brand new cosmetic product in the salon! I will be selling impression kits, and taking consultations for Secret Veneers. I will help you on your journey for that perfect smile!. You can do your impressions in our salon if you're not comfortable doing it at your home, secret veneers have a "How to video guide" on taking your own impressions. These veneers are non invasive, meaning they simply clip over your existing teeth just like a retainer. They can cover missing teeth, discoloured teeth, crooked teeth or simply give you a re brighter whiter smile."

- Start instantly today 

- We send you all promotional products needed to start 

- Ongoing mentoring 

- Open to everyone worldwide

This is how it works; 

  1. Order below x10 impression kits listed in our shop at a 50% discounted price of £495. These will retail at £990 - £99 per kit. 

  2. We ship you everything you need. The impression kits come with upper and lower trays, impression putty, order form and return envelope. We provide marketing leaflets and free standing displays. 

  3. You sell an impression kit in your salon/ on your website/ on your socials/ or you can visit people in their homes. The kit will cost the customer £99 per kit (this gives you £50 instant profit per kit you sell) As you have purchased the kits at £49.50 each

  4. The client buys the kit from you and takes their impressions themselves with you or at home. Please note it is illegal for you to take a dental impression unless you are a dental nurse. You must let the client take the impressions themselves with the instructions provided - you just hand them the box.

  5. Ship the impressions to us and we take over from there!

  6. Once the impressions arrive with us at the lab, we contact the client directly and bill them for the remainder of their balance- they just pay it on the website and we then make their clip in veneers. You can bill them if you prefer. 

  7. We ship the clip in veneers to the client directly (or to you if you prefer) and handle all payments and alterations. 

​This is not to be used in conjunction with any discount code. This is already heavily discounted.